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Friday and Sunday, 9 lessons

After this course, you will be able to sew most of the clothes with sewing patterns. 

PLACE: Claes de Vrieselaan 72, 3021JS, Rotterdam

9 lessons, 2 times per week. 

Day and time:
Friday 18:00-22:00 
Sunday 14:00-18:00

Every lesson takes 3-4 hours. 
As an exception, I can take several people who can come only once a week. 

First 6 lessons - we learn the theory, last 3 lessons - you work on your final project (something that you want to sew for yourself). 

At the end, you will get an online course as a gift from me. I give a lot of information during this course and I know that it’s hard to keep everything in your head. With an online course, I will be sure that you can continue sewing after the end of the course. Just watch the videos and follow the steps. 

If you miss the lessons, you can come another day and I will teach you a lesson (maximum 2 times).  Money for missed lessons can’t be refunded.

Here is what you will learn:
Lesson 1.
How to measure yourself
How to work with patterns
How to cut fabric
How to work with sewing machine
How to sew darts 
How to make stretch waistband
How to sew a hem
How to sew a mini skirt

Lesson 2
How to sew a side seam pocket
Straight waistband
We sew another mini skirt

Lesson 3
How to sew a trouser pocket
Facing waistband
How to make a blind hem
We sew mini trousers

Lesson 4
How to sew a zipper 
How to sew an invisible zipper 
How To Sew A Zipper Fly
How to sew ruffles 

Lesson 5
How to finish neckline: facing
How to sew in sleeves
How to sew pleats
We sew a mini blouse

Lesson 6
How to finish neckline: binding
How to sew buttonholes/buttons
We sew a mini blouse

Lesson 7-9

You will sew the item of your choice.

The price is 300 euro. You can pay in 2 parts. To book a place I ask you to pay the first part. Contact me if you still have questions.



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