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Every Wednesday

Time: 18:30 - 21:30

Join sewing lessons for mothers to-be and sew beautiful clothes for your baby! You can choose the design and the fabric you like and sew beautiful and incredibly cute sets! 

In the video you can see some examples of what you can sew, but you can also choose other designs.

No sewing experience? Don’t worry! Sewing Lovers School specializes in teaching complete beginners. We will help you with all the steps. But we advise you to join an introduction lesson first!

PLACE: Claes de Vrieselaan 72, 3021JS, Rotterdam

We work in a small group: max 4 people. Everyone will get enough attention.

Duration: every lesson takes 3 hours. 

Price: the minimum package consists of 4 lessons, and its price is 120 euro. You can pay in 2 parts. Costs of materials are not included. (I will help you to choose the fabric. The costs depend on the type and price of chosen fabric). 

You can expect that the costs of materials will be minimum 15 euro per set of clothes. You are likely to sew 2-3 sets during 4 lessons (depending on their complexity).

Please contact us via WhatsApp to book a place! I will be happy to answer all your questions!


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