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  You can start anytime

I invite you to a sewing workshop – TROUSERS! This workshop is suitable for beginners! 

You will get access to all video tutorials, showing the process. This workshop is free.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to choose your size

  • How to work with sewing pattern

  • How to make a pattern bigger or smaller

  • How to use sewing machine

  • How to cut fabric

  • How to sew trousers

  • How to sew a trouser pocket

  • How to sew a zipper

  • How to sew a facing waistband

  • How to sew a blind hem

  • How to make buttonholes

At the end of the workshop, you will have beautiful trousers, made by yourself!

You will need to buy patterns and materials yourself (a list of materials is provided in the tutorial videos). You will also need a sewing machine, iron and a sewing board.

Link to the workshop: 

I hope you will learn a lot! If you have question contact me via my main Instagram:

Happy sewing!

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