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Your homework will be checked by me

✂️Join hybrid sewing course (6 lesson online and 3 together with me in Rotterdam) and learn how to sew in 1 month.


🤩After this course you will be able to sew dresses, skirts, trousers, blouses using sewing patterns! Important: during this course we don't learn how sew blazers, jackets, coats, collared blouses/shirts.


🙏Watch videos, repeat after me, send me the pictures of your result. First 6 lessons - we learn the basics. You will get access to video lessons and patterns. Print patterns and sew together with me watching video tutorials. After each step, you will send a photo of the result to WhatsApp for control. During the course we sew mini models, they are sewn in the same way as ordinary clothes, but smaller. This saves fabric and time.

After finishing 6 lessons, join me in Rotterdam for the next 3 lessons and sew your final project together with me (something that you choose yourself). We can discuss the dates. You choose and buy a pattern that you like (you will get a list of websites with good patterns). You also buy the fabric and all the necessary materials yourself.


😢You don’t have sewing machine at home? You can rent mine (40 euro per month).

Zero sewing experience? Join introduction lesson in Rotterdam and I will teach you basic things that will be enough to follow this course.


😍I provide you with fabric, interfacing, zippers, buttons, foot for invisible zipper, patterns that you need. In 1 month you will get such great results as you can see in the video. 
You will have access to the online course forever. If you forget something, you can always come back and watch this lesson again.​


The course includes video lessons, and also patterns and materials for the lessons 1-6). You will need to buy pattern and materials for your final project. You will also need a sewing machine, iron and sewing board. The price of this course is 320 euro. You can pay in 2 parts.

Here is what you will learn:

Lesson 1

How to measure yourself

How to work with sewing patterns

How to cut fabric

How to work with sewing machine

How to sew darts 

How to make stretch waistband

How to sew a hem

How to sew a mini skirt

Lesson 2

How to sew a side seam pocket

Straight waistband

We sew another mini skirt

Lesson 3

How to sew a trouser pocket

Facing waistband

How to make a blind hem

We sew mini trousers

Lesson 4

How to sew a zipper 

How to sew an invisible zipper 

How to sew a zipper fly

How to sew ruffles 

Lesson 5

How to finish neckline: facing

How to sew in sleeves

How to sew pleats

We sew a mini blouse

Lesson 6

How to finish neckline: binding

How to sew buttonholes/buttons

We sew a mini blouse

Lesson 7-9

You will sew the item of your choice.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate contact me!



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