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Boho Kimono Dress
boho 1.jpg

How to make Boho Kimono Dress

Have you ever imagined having a beautiful dress, which you can wear during summer, soft and comfortable, even when you are pregnant. Today I will show you how to sew a Boho Kimono dress for a complete beginner.

Let’s get started!

What do you need

1,8m (minimum) of fabric

Elastic (5mm wide)

Sewing machine


Step 1

Measure yourself as showed in the picture below.

The pattern is quite easy, it’s made of rectangles in a skirt the front and back are exactly the same. The only difference are the 2 holes on the front part for the elastic.

boho 2.png
boho 3_edited.jpg

Before cutting add seam allowance:

  • 2 cm top

  • 1 cm on each side

  • 3 cm hemline (bottom part)


Cut 2 of these parts for the front and back of the skirt.

Make a rectangular.

Add seam allowance:

  • 1cm on top

  • 2cm on the sides

The orange arrow shows you that you should mark an X; do this on 2 of the rectangles. Do this from the other edge for the remaining 2 rectangles. The X marks help you later when you are attaching the skirt to the bodice.

boho 4.PNG

Step 2

Good side to good side and sew around 13cm from the edge. Do the same thing on the back bodice.

Step 3

Shoulders seam – zig zag stich the shoulder edge. Do the same on the back bodice

Step 4

Hem the sleeves. Fold the hem of the sleeves twice and stich along the fold; do the same thing for all full sleeve edges left and right front and back.

Step 5

Stich underarms. The front and back bottles together along the underarms. Make sure the good sides of the fabric are facing each other and stich along the bottom edge of the sleeves until you reach the X mark.

Step 6

Make loop holes. On the front bodice only, we need to create holes to thread through the waist tie. Mark 2 holes which is 6cm apart and 3cm from the bottom edge.

Step 7

Make skirt. Good sides of the fabric facing each other. Stich the sides of the front and back skirts together and then zigzag the seam together. After that hem the skirt to your desire length.

Step 8

Attach skirt to bodice. In order to stich the skirt to the bodice together out the skirt inside the bodice with the good sides of the fabric is facing each other. The bodice is inside-out. Clean the fabric together and stich along the seam allowance all the way around the bustline.

Step 9

Stitch waist tie casing. Fold the scene upwards and we’ll stitch it down all the way along the bust line.

Step 10

Stitch upper arms. With the good sides of the fabric facing each other, stitch the upper ends of the sleeves together.

Step 11

Insert waist elastic. For added comfort when wearing the dress thread elastic through the casing and stitch the elastic together at a comfortable length.

Step 12

Make waist tie. Cut strips of fabric at 2,5cm wide. Stitch them together until you have enough length to tie around your waist. Fold the fabric in half with the seams facing outwards, then stitch along the edge. Now turn the waist tie, so the good side is facing outwards. After that fold twice the open edge and stitch it.

And you just made your Boho Kimono dress!

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