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Top Ruffle
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Do you want to make for yourself a quick fairy top. If so, this is the perfect place for you!

I will describe the measurements I took, so you can adapt them to fit your size.


This is how the pieces should look like.

Front and back part of the top – the width is your bust + 7cm. For the length, I measure from the center top of my shoulder to my hips + 6cm for the bottom fold. The width f the neck is my measurement from shoulder to shoulder, because of the folds in the front and a lower cut in the neck about 4cm. For the back it’s the same but without the lowering of the neck.

Stripe for the bottom – you can make this piece. Or use elastic in the bottom for the bubble effect. Choose the length you want and the width should be 4 cm.

Neck stripe front and back – measure around your neck and add 5 cm for the folds and 4 cm for the width.

Neck ruffles – the length depends on how ruffly you want the neck, I did twice the measurement of my neck stripe front and back, and the width is 8cm.

top 2.png
top 3.1.png
top 3.2.png

Step 1

Sew together piece 1 and 2 (good side to good side).

Step 2

Fold the bottom piece and sew (my fold is 2.5cm). That’s why we left the body piece 5cm longer.    

top 4.png
top 5.png

Step 3

Fold piece 6 (neck ruffles) in half, sew the longest stich your machine allows you and then pull on the tread. Even it up until your ruffles piece is the same length as pieces 4 and 5.

Step 4

Put piece 4 in the bottom, piece 6 in the middle and piece 5 on the top. All the good sides of the fabric have to be facing inside. Sew on the edge of the side you made the ruffles.

top 6.png
top 7.png

Step 5

Turn the pieces so the ruffles are in the top, fold the edges of pieces 4 and 5 to the inside like the in the picture.

Step 6

Add the ribbon for your button holder and fold all the edges to the inside, so they are all clean. Add the body part to the center of the fold, measure your pieces to make sure everything is centered, for the font gather your fabric to get the wrinkle effect. Once you are satisfied with the position, sew it together.

Step 7

Add the button on the back.

top 8.png
top 9.png

And you just made your Ruffle Top!

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