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Heathered Kimono
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How to sew a handmade Heathered Kimono

Last summer days are passing by quite fast. The fall is just around the corner and you want to be prepared for the colder fall mornings, with something cozy and warm, but you don’t want to bring jacket. Then, I have the perfect solution for you – Heathered Kimono.

Let’s get started!

What do you need


1,6m fabric with a 110cm – 138cm width

Measuring tape




Sewing machine

Sewing pins

Coordinating thread

Step 1

Choose how long you want your kimono to be. The one that I will show you, has length just below the hips, and since the arm style of this kimono are wide and slouchy, I didn’t want the width to also be extra wide. The dimensions I chose are 107cm x 72cm long.

Step 2

Turn the fabric inside out and fold in half horizontally, place the fold running horizontally at the top of your work surface, and measure the mark with a chalk your desire width and length, using the dimensions you want, cut along one side and along the bottom (non-fold edge) to remove extra fabric.

kim 2_edited.jpg
kim 3_edited.jpg

Step 3

Measure and mark 2 vertical rectangles, one in each lower left and right corners of the fabric.

Step 4

Pin along the inside of the chalk lines on both sides and cut along the chalk.

kim 4_edited.jpg
kim 5_edited.jpg

Step 5

Using the 0,5-seam allowance, sew along the lines you just cut.

Step 6

Find the center of the bottom of the kimono, and draw a vertical line up to where the arms begin. Then split the line into a V to create a neckline.

Step 7

At the front opening, bottom hem, and sleeve openings, fold raw edges back roughly 1cm and pin into place. Straight stitch edges at 0,6 seam allowance. Trim all long threads and turn goods side out. 

kim 6.jpg

And you are ready with your kimono!

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