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DIY Apron
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How to make a DIY Apron?

You are a person who loves to cook but you are tired of all the boring aprons that sell everywhere. Then this one is the perfect for you. I will show you how to make an apron in 5 easy steps; and you don’t even need a pattern. This is the perfect project for a beginner. 

Let's get started!

What do you need

1 meter of thick fabric

thread suitable for the fabric


sewing machine

tailor's chalk or pencil

cloth tape measurement

Step 1: Cut fabric pieces

Cut the fabric – 70 cm heigh and 50 cm wide. You also need 3 long strips with measurements: 2 of them should be the same – 90 cm long and the 3rd one 45 cm. If you don’t want long strap, you can make the first 2 shorter).

Step 2: Fold and measure

Fold the big piece in two, connecting good side to good side. After that measure 10 cm from the top part, leaving the folded part on your left, and mark it. (When you unfold it, you will have 20 cm for the top of the apron.) After that on the opposite side measure 45 cm from the top to the bottom and mark it. Connect the two dots with a curved line, which will be the area under your arm.

apron 2.png
apron 3.png

Step 3: Cut fabric

Cut the curved line that you made in step 2, while it is still folded.


Step 4: Hem with the sewing machine

Go with zigzag stich all the way around the apron to prevent ripping threads. After that make a hem all the way around the apron to create a finish edge. The hem should be around 1 cm.

Step 5: Add the strips

Find the end of the arm area and attach the 2 long stipes on both sides, and stich them. After that attach the short strip on the neckline (attached for both ends of it).

apron 4.png
apron 5.png

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