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Студия дизайнерского дизайна

Rachel Kay

I really enjoyed the workshop - Veronica explained things really well, I learned new skills and came home with a dress at the end of it. Highly recommended!


I love taking part in the workshops. Veronica is really patient and kind. I thought it would be more difficult to create my own dress, but Veronica makes it very easy and I really enjoyed the process. It's very relaxing. I already made 2 dresses and can't wait to do more! If you're in The Netherlands and are curious about sewing, you should definitely come to Rotterdam.


I've done a workshop with Veronica to make my own shorts. The lesson was fun and in a nice atmosphere. Veronica helped me a lot with my project, but always asked if I want to do it all by myself or with help. She was super flexible and helpful. I can really recommend her workshops!


I recently finished 1 day workshop. It was a very creative day, Veronica is a very nice person.


For all sewing lovers. I advise everyone who sewed or wants to learn how to sew and wants to devote a couple of hours to their hobby under the guidance of a professional.


I like the lessons very much. I had a lot of fun and made several things, like bag and trousers. I highly recommend this school.


Good afternoon! I highly recommend it. Everything is fine. Professional. Attentive, understands the material. Gave advice. Helped. Corrected. I was very satisfied.

Priscilla Hopper.png

Today I had a workshop and after a few hours I went home with a beautiful bathrobe.

Veronica is a lovely person and she explains everything very calm.

I highly recommend her workshops!


I like the workshops very much.

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